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How to Prevent the Fracture of Jaw Crusher’s Bolts

Aug 02 2014

Bolts mainly play the role of connection in the machinery, so does it in the jaw crusher. If the jaw crusher’s bolts breaks, the normal operating of the jaw crusher will be affected. So let’s learn how to prevent the fracture of the jaw crusher’s bolts in the following parts.

Methods to prevent the fracture of adjust seat’s T- type bolt

T- type bolt is easy to break from its head because of the reciprocating motion of the jaw crusher’s jaw. To prevent the fracture of adjust seat’s T- type bolt, we have the following methods: adopt the high strength T-type bolt; mat a homemade conveyor flat washer; or make an adjustment pad of the conveyor belt and place it on the wall next to the base to ease the impact and reduce the fracture of bolts.

Methods to prevent the fracture of the foundation bolt

If the jaw crusher is failure in the operation, for example material blocking in the crushing cavity , such failure will makes a strong vibration of the machine, which may lead to the fracture of the foundation bolt. In order to prevent the breakage of bolt, we should reinforce the installment of the base. When install the jaw crusher, we must weld the whole base seat of the machine with still plate, put M30 or larger diameter high strength anchor bolts in the concrete foundations, and adopt M24 bolt to connect the jaw crusher and the base seat. Then although the jaw crusher vibrates because of the materials logging, the foundation and the foundation bolts will not be affected. Meanwhile during the operation of the jaw crusher, try your best to reduce the material blocking phenomenon to avoid overload.

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