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The Two Crushing Ways of the Dual-chamber Jaw Crusher

Aug 02 2014

Dual-chamber jaw crusher is a new model jaw crusher. As the name implies, dual-chamber jaw crusher has two crushing chambers is, and according to the different arrangement of the crushing chamber, dual-chamber jaw crusher includes two types: serious connection and parallel connection. Let's learn the two crushing ways of the dual-chamber jaw crusher below.

The two crushing ways

Serious connection crushing way: it refers to that the two crushing chambers are cascaded on one side of the eccentric shaft, and the equipment suffers two times of eccentric movement. The two crushing chambers can crush materials alternately, when power is passed though the belt to the eccentric shaft. And this process can be approximatively regarded as a state of continuous work.

Parallel connection crushing way: it refers to that the two crushing chambers are parallel connected together, the two tooth plates are fixed on a movable jaw, and the two movable jaws are installed on a eccentric shaft. To improve the stiffness of the jaw, the two movable jaws are made of the mutually fixed structure. Since it is difficult to install the toggle plate in the middle of the two movable jaws, the two toggle plates are installed behind the two fixed jaws. At the same time, the position of the eccentric shaft is moved down, so that it can support the rear of the movable jaw. The upper side of the movable jaw is supported by the rocker and pin.

The comparisons of the two crushing ways

Cascade connection crushing way: the eccentric shaft of this type crushing way is too long, so that the stress of the eccentric shaft is uneven, leading to the big vibration of the eccentric shaft. Such crushing chamber design will be gradually eliminated in the market.

Parallel connection crushing way: the structure of this kind of crushing chamber is simple and compact, whose production particle size is even, and its shape is cubic. It can not store energy consumption of empty travel during the double work schedule, which not only improves productivity of equipment, but also reduces energy consumption.

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