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How to Handle the Sticky Material of the Jaw Crusher?

Aug 04 2014

The sticky materials of the jaw crusher will result in the material clogging, and the material clogging is very harmful to the production, which will result in the uneven particle size of the finish product and the wear of the components. So we have to deal with the stick materials timely. Let’s discuss how to handle the sticky material of the jaw crusher in the following parts.

1. Strictly control the nature of the materials. If materials with much moisture enter into the crushing cavity, they will cause the phenomenon of the material adhesions, so materials with much water are strictly prohibited to enter into the jaw crusher. We can dry them by dryer before they entering the crusher to reduce the moisture content of the materials.

2. Improve the feed port of the jaw crusher. The old inclined chute connects straightly with the feed inlet. Now change it into inclined chute with a large angle. Change the original hopper whose structure is inverted conical into the upright cone so that the area of the discharging port can be increased with several times to avoid material blocking.

3. For the feed chute, hopper and electric material dividing plate, inset 3mm thick stainless steel for them to slow the material bonding.

4. Install several groups of radiators at the outside of the feed chute to reduce the moisture of the materials and eliminate the material bonding in winter. In the normal production of jaw crusher, we should regularly check the crushing cavity and see whether there is the material clogging or not. If there is, clean it immediately.

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