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The Temperature Rising Analysis of the Jaw Crusher's Bearing

Aug 04 2014

Jaw crusher operating stably, and its bearings temperature is normal. But two hours later, its bearings’ temperature rises to above 50 ° , and then to above 70 °, which forces the jaw crusher to shut down, For this phenomenon, I have made an analysis. I will introduce you the temperature rising analysis of the jaw crusher bearing in the following part.


When I check the jaw crusher for its failure, I find that the equipment vibrates abnormally, but there is no significant change in current. After a further examination, I find that the bearing grease freezes again after melt, and there is no space between the bearing and the bearing cover. Therefore, I think that the main reason for the temperature rising is caused by that the installation of the pad is not standardized and the gap outside of the bearing too little.

Since all the pads are placed on the outside of the jaw crusher’s base, so that when fasten the foundation bolts, the frame is easy to deform. Although there is no significant changes in the level to the main shaft, but the bearing seat has been inclined, so that the bearing suffers the large additional lateral force. Once the force exceeds its adjusting range of the bearing, its temperature will rise. And when the bearing’s temperature rises to a certain critical value, the equipment will vibrate because the gap outside of the bearing is too little causing the elongation of the shaft is blocked.


Add a pad inside of the basis of the jaw crusher, re-alignment for secondary casting, and the gap outside of the jaw crusher’s nearing. In addition, choose wear compression, impact resistance, high temperature resistant, and extreme pressure resistant grease, when you choose lubricant for the jaw crusher’s bearing. After these processing, jaw crusher can operate normally, and the temperature of its bearing can be within the normal range in the future operating.

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