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The Spindle of Jaw Crusher

Aug 04 2014

The spindle of jaw crusher suffers strong work intensity. So there is a high requirement to its material and installation. Besides, to prolong the service life of the spindle, we should maintain it well. I will mainly introduce you the spindle of jaw crusher in the following part, including the manufacturing materials, installation, and maintenance of the spindle.

The manufacturing materials

Before the structural design of the spindle, calculate the torque of the spindle. According to the torque, estimate the diameter of the spindle, and preliminarily determine the manufacturing material of the spindle, including carbon and alloy steel. The workblank of the spindle usually adopts rolled bar and forgings. Carbon steel is cheaper than low alloy steel. But its sensitivity to stress concentration is low. We can improve its wear resistance and fatigue strength by heat treatment or chemical treatment. So carbon steel is widely used for the making of the spindle, especially the 45 # steel.

The installation of the spindle

After the installation of the components on the spindle, the general shape of the spindle can be identified. So for the spindle of jaw crusher, we should firstly install the bearing cover, then the spindle, and finally the pulleys of the two ends.

The maintenance of the spindle

The spindle of jaw crusher suffers great load impact at work, so its maintenance is very important. There are four bearings on the spindle, and each bearing has a glib. We must choose suitable lubricant to lubricate them step by step. Before lubricating components, make sure they are clean. In addition, when you change the grease, clean them carefully with gasoline or kerosene.

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