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The Examination of Jaw Crusher before Production

Aug 04 2014

Before the use of the jaw crusher, we generally should make a serious examination of it. Because even a small detail may causes the equipment to shut down. So we must do the examination of jaw crusher before production carefully, and ensure the every part of the equipment is in good condition.

1. Check all fasteners whether are tightened or not, such as jaw plate, liner, thrust plate, and etc.; check the guards whether are good or not, if any problems, you should immediately solve.

2. Check the driving belt whether its installation is correct or not. If find it is wear, replace a new one. If there is oil dirt on the belt, clean it up immediately.

3. Check the crushing chamber and see whether there are materials or other stuffs in it. If there are, get them rid off immediately.

4. Check the lubrication of the bearings whether it is good. Check the connection between the toggle plate and movable jaw, and the adjust seat and the pad plate to see whether the connections is good, and whether there are lubricants in the connecting points.

5. Check the top bolts too see whether they return or not. And check the adjustment shims whether they are installed correctly or not.

These are the main contents of inspection, only ensure that each parts of the equipment are normal, can we start the jaw crusher.

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