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The Design of the Jaw Crusher’s Spindle

Aug 05 2014

The design of the jaw crusher’s spindle mainly refers to its structure design and the calculation of its working capacity. Let’s discuss the design of the jaw crusher’s spindle in the following parts:

The structure design of the jaw crusher’s spindle

The jaw crusher’s spindle is designed on the basis of the installation of the components on the spindle, and the its manufacturing technology. For example, the spindle’s structure must be convenient to the installation and disassembly of the components on it; the spindle and its components must have accurately working positions to be fixed and installed firmly, or they will vibrate at work and affect the working efficiency; the spindle must be made with a good manufacturing process, have a reliable quality, and meet the rotating requirement of the jaw crusher.

The working capacity of the jaw crusher’s spindle

The calculation of the spindle includes the calculation of its strength, stiffness, stability, and etc. For the spindle that has a high requirement to its stiffness and the enlongaled spindle, we must calculate its stiffness to prevent deforming linearly. For the high speed running spindle, it should be calculated its vibrating stability to avoid the destruction of resonance. Since jaw crusher has a high requirement to the strength of the spindle, so we can only calculate the spindle’s strength. When calculate to the strength of the spindle, we should firstly make out the calculation diagram of the spindle. Since the force suffered by the spindle is passed by the components on the spindle, so we can simplify the distribution forces of the spindle into a concentrated force, and its point of action can choose the middle point of the all distribution forces’. When check its actual strength, we only need to check the strength of the maximum torque and its torque profile.

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