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Three Tips for Selecting Jaw Crusher’s Bearings

Aug 05 2014

As the development of the jaw crusher, one of its important parts-bearing is required with various performance and high quality. To select a most suitable bearing from the numerous bearings with different sizes and structures, I sum up three tips for selecting jaw crusher’s bearings below.

1. When we purchase a bearing for jaw crusher, we should pay attention to the following several aspects: the arrangement of the bearing, the installation and dismantle of the bearing, the size of the bearing, and etc. In order to facilitate the installation and dismantle of the bearing, so the bearing seat must have subdivision surface, so that we can choose the bearing with detachable inner and outer rings firstly.

2. Research the service life and endurance strength of different bearing. But when purchase a bearing, we should not just consider the service life of the bearing and ignore its lubrication, noise, wear, and so on. For example, the bearing of the jaw crusher suffers a big impact load at work, and at the same time, suffers forces from the vertical and horizontal. So we generally choose to use the spherical roller bearing that has a good carrying capacity.

3. Finally according to the different application of the bearing, if we have accuracy, clearance and lubrication requirement to the bearing, we need to find the bearing with special design. However, there is no a certain order and rule foe selecting a bearing. We should firstly pay attention to the working condition, the performance, and other most particularly practical problems of the bearing. For example, the temperature of the jaw crusher’s bearing has big difference before and after work. So to reduce the impact of the different thermal expansion, we firstly choose the bearing with a movable outer ring to prevent the bearing form getting stuck at work.

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