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How to Reduce the Wear of the Jaw Crusher’s Jaw Plate

Aug 05 2014

During the work of the jaw crusher, its jaw plates crush materials directly. So the jaw plates are worn quickly and heavily in the production. However, we must stop the equipment first, and then we can replace the worn jaw plate, which seriously affects the normal production. And the cost of the replacement is substantial. Therefore, it is very important reduce the wear of the jaw plate. I will discuss how to reduce the wear of the jaw crusher’s jaw plate below.

1. Chang parameters in time. We sample every batch of materials before they enter into the jaw crusher. Once find their nature changes largely, we must promptly change the parameters of the jaw crusher.

2. Improve the wear resistance of jaw plate. The materials used for making the jaw plate must have the characteristics of high hardness, strong wear resistance, and impact resistance. Mining machinery manufacturers can exchange the jaw plate of the mining crusher and cement grinder when produce them.

3. Repair the wear of jaw plate in time. In the normal production of the jaw crusher, we must pay attention to check the use of the jaw plate. If the jaw plate has been worn, we can repair it by bead welding.

4. Install the jaw plate firmly. The new jaw plate must be installed well. It must contact with the surface of the jaw crusher smoothly. So we can pad a layer of good plastic materials between the jaw plate and the jaw crusher.

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