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The Analysis of the Jaw Crusher’s Crushing Force

Aug 06 2014

The crushing force of the jaw crusher is the basis to calculate the strength and stiffness and other mechanical parameters of its components. It has a big significance to ensure the normal work of the jaw crusher and prolong the service life of jaw crusher. However, there are many factors affecting the crushing force of the jaw crusher, so it is difficult and complex to make analysis of it. This article will introduce you the analysis of the jaw crusher’s crushing force.

1. The distribution of the crushing force in the cavity and its force position, and magnitude are important basis for the mechanism design and its component strength design. These factors have a big randomness, so that the method of theoretical analysis will produce a large error. Through statistical analysis of a large number of measured data and theoretical derivation, establish the formula of experimental analysis, which is a better way to approximate reflect the changing rules of the crushing force.

2. The movement of the tooth plate leads to the change of the cross-sectional of the crushing chamber and produces compression stroke to crush materials. The action and reaction produced by jaw crusher in this process are equal and opposite. That is to say the force suffered by the movable tooth plate is equal to the crushing force. The crushing force of the jaw crusher is different as the different moving state of the tooth plate, which makes the analysis of the crushing more difficult. To solve this problem, we can build up an equation of motion though the simulation software to explain the moving state of the upper and lower ends of the tooth plate.

3. The shape of the material can also affect the crushing force of the jaw crusher. In the past, we often assume the shape of the materials as spherical shape to analyze the crushing force of the jaw crusher. But the actual shapes of materials are generally cube and polyhedral. To make the analysis more close to the actual condition, we should assume the shape of materials as cube-like shape, so that the analysis of the crushing force is more close to the actual production. In addition, the hardness and size of materials can also affect the crushing force, we should consider these factors when we analyze the crushing force of the jaw crusher.

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