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The Classification of the Jaw Crusher

Aug 06 2014

Jaw crusher can be classified by the structure characters and trajectory of the movable jaw plate into simple pendulum jaw crusher, compound pendulum jaw crusher, mixing swing type jaw crusher and fine jaw crusher four categories. I will give you a specific introduction of the classification of the jaw crusher below.

1. The simple pendulum jaw crusher

The fixed jaw plate of the simple pendulum jaw crusher is fixed on its front arm, and its movable jaw plate is hung on the eccentric shaft. When the eccentric shaft rotate, it drives the connecting rod rotating too, so that the two thrust plate reciprocates, and then the movable jaw plate also make reciprocation. When the movable jaw plate moves to the fixed jaw plate, materials between them are squeezed; when the movable jaw plate goes away from the fixed jaw plate, the crushed materials are discharged form the port. So every point of the movable jaw plate makes swing arc on the central of the hanging axis. Since the trajectory is relatively simple, so it is called as simple pendulum jaw crusher.

2. The compound pendulum jaw crusher

The movable jaw plate is directly hung on the eccentric shaft and be drove directly by the eccentric shaft. The bottom of the movable jaw plate is supported by the back arm of the frame. When the eccentric shaft rotates, on one hand, the movable jaw plate reciprocating swings to the fixed jaw, and on the other hand, it vertically moves to the fixed jaw with a great extent. So the trajectory of its each point is different: the trajectory of the top is arc; the trajectory of the middle part is elliptic curve; and the trajectory of the lower part is long oval. Such jaw crusher is called as the compound pendulum jaw crusher for its complexly movement

3. The mixing swing type jaw crusher

The movable jaw and the connecting rod are all installed on the eccentric shaft. The head of the connecting rod is fixed on the middle of the eccentric shaft, and the two axe shells of the movable jaw are installed on the two end of the connecting rod. The two thrust plates are supported by the lower ends of the movable jaw and the connecting rod and the back arm of the frame. The trajectory of each point of the movable jaw crusher is axis, and its long axe is inclined to the material unload direction to promote the discharging of the materials, improve the working efficiency, and reduce the wear of the tooth plate. Since the movable jaw and the connecting rod are all installed on the eccentric shaft, the eccentric shaft bears a very large force, leading to the damage of the eccentric shaft. For this such kind of crusher has failed to promote.

4. The fine jaw crusher

To meet customers' different crushing demand, we made some improvement to the simple pendulum, and compound pendulum jaw crusher. For example, adopt eccentric systems consisting of several movable jaws and eccentric shafts, so that materials can be crushed by each of the movable jaws. This type of jaw crusher is easy to start and smooth to operate. It reduces the oad of the equipment and at the same time lowers the energy consumption.

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