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How to Solve the Damage of Jaw Crusher’s Bearing

Aug 06 2014

Bearings are the key parts of the jaw crusher. Once the bearings are broken, we have to stop producing, which seriously affects the normal working of the jaw crusher. There are many factors that may lead to the damage of the bearings. I will introduce you how to solve the damage of jaw crusher’s bearing below according to the damage accident occurred in the recent production case.

The reasons of bearing damage

According to inspection, we found that there are phenomena of oil hardening and caking in the vivo, and the roller of the bearing is stuck. The temperature resistant butter used in this equipment has high viscosity, and jaw crusher works in high temperature and large dusts environment for a long time. So once the crusher stops, the butter will harden after cooling. With the seal broken, and few dust mixed in the oil, the oil will harden and cake, leading to the poor lubrication effect of the bearing. For these, the bearing is damaged.


According to the above analysis, to solve the problem, we must improve the cooling way of the jaw crusher. It means that we must lower the body temperature of the jaw crusher, and choose low viscosity oil. Besides, we can weld a tank to contain cool water with steel plate in order to maximize the contact area between the cooling water and the movable jaw body, but such improvement can not affect the refueling, maintenance, and lifting. And then using a hose to connect to the tank, and introduce the waste water of the blower in to the tank to circulate. By these, we have improve the cooling way of the jaw crusher with low cost, ensured the lubrication of bearings, and reduced the failure rate of bearings.

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