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Lubrication of the Jaw Crusher

Aug 07 2014

The connecting rod, the bearing of the eccentric shaft, the toggle head of the thrust plate and so on are all need to lubricate. Then how to lubricate these parts? And what precautions does the lubrication have? This article will give you a specific introduction of the lubrication of the jaw crusher.

1. The selection of lubricants. Depending on the work environment, correctly choose the lubricant. The No. 70 machine oil is more appropriate to be used in the summer, while the No. 40 machine oil can be used in winter. If the jaw crusher is frequently used in winter, and the crusher has a heating device, then the lubricant can be pre-heated before use. If the temperature is not too high in the summer, then the NO 50 machine oil can be directly used in the jaw crusher.

2. Lubrication ways. Pressure circulation lubrication can be used to lubricant connecting rod and eccentric shaft’s bearing of the large and medium size of the jaw crusher. But when the oil pump suddenly fails, the jaw crusher can not stop until 15-20min later due to the big swing force of the jaw crusher. Then we should press the pump to give oil to the machine with hand, or the bearings may be burn. The lubrication of the movable jaw’s bearing and the supporting pad of the toggle plate should use the lubrication way of manual grease lubrication regularly.

3. Lubrication frequency. The movable jaw’s bearing and the toggle head of the thrust plate should be intermittently lubricated after a certain time because there are no oil recycling device in these devices. The movable jaw’s bearing of small size jaw crusher usually uses butter cups.

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