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How to Achieve the Fine Crushing Function of Jaw Crusher

Aug 07 2014

One inadequacy of the jaw crusher is that it is difficult to achieve fine crushing. However, as the diversification of the crushed materials and the rising of the customers’ requirement, the requirement of the jaw crusher’s fine crushing function becomes higher and higher. How to achieve the fine crushing function of jaw crusher? In order to meet the requirement of the customers, this article will discuss it from the two aspects of the technological analysis and the improvement measure of jaw crusher.

The technological analysis

Jaw crusher’s drive mechanism is a typical crank rocker. It is cheap and easy to be made. And its structure is simple. But the jaw crusher has the congenital defects that the lower part of the movable jaw is in "reduced power" status, and the whole machine is "half for power". Besides, its function only focuses on emission materials, so that the crushing stroke contradicts the discharge stroke. Its simple crushing chamber and the single particle crushing mechanism also can not meet the requirement of the fine crushing. Under the single particle crushing mechanism, the tight side determines particle size, and the loose side decided to yield. If adjust the size of the tight side to the powder crushing requirement, then the manufacture and installation of the chamber can not reach and its yield will become little. So jaw crusher is a typical coarse crushing machine.

The improvement measure

According to the relationship between the structure of the connecting rod and the jaw crusher, redesign the structure of the stepped crushing chamber, and add a set of a separating crank rocker mechanism. According to the principle of the "small angle by force" and "broken pyramid", change the "force reduction" state of the lower jaw crusher into the "energizing" effect to change its mechanical structure, so than the jaw crusher can directly fine crusher the large block of materials at a time. Such improvements of the jaw crusher not only meet the fine crushing requirement of customers, but also simplify its production line, and greatly improve its production capacity and reduce the energy consumption of the jaw cRUsher.

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