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The Comparison of the Jaw Crusher’s Three-dimensional Design Methods

Aug 11 2014

The three-dimensional design of the jaw crusher refers to the following steps: process the assembly relationship and other information among the support structure, its shape, and various components into an easily controllable parametric variables and then modify the parameters to achieve the purpose of changing the three-dimensional solid model. The general used three-dimensional design methods include the traditional bottom-up design approach, and the top-down design approach. This article will explain to you the comparison of the jaw crusher’s three-dimensional design methods.

Different design orders

The bottom-up design approach: In the traditional design, modeling for the product includes the following aspects: the establishment of the part model that describes the relationship between the parts; assembled the finished part models together to generate the assembly model. The bottom-up design approach is based on the design method of beginning from the parts to the equipment.

The top-down design approach: firstly establish the overall product design information on the senior of the general assembly; secondly, decompose the overall design information of the components; thirdly. Pass the information to the downstream components. So the top-down design approach is from the entire equipment to each part.

Different practicalities

The bottom-up design approach: this design method lacks the entire equipment design standard and the inheritance of the design requirements. Some design information of the important products is not well controlled. Each component lacks of interrelateds. It can achieve linkage amending to the relevant parts. Its practicality is not strong.

The top-down design approach: The design of the components can be parallel finished. When the information of the overall design is changed, it can be automatically passed on the downstream components. Therefore, the downstream components can be changed correspondingly. The operation of this design method is simple, and its practicality is strong.

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