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The Research of Jaw Crusher’s Structure Optimization

Aug 11 2014

Jaw crushers in China market is made according to the traditional experience. It has a certain gap to the world level advanced jaw crusher. Therefore, the optimal design of jaw crusher models is necessary. This article will introduce you the research of jaw crusher’s structure optimization.

1. Prolong the service life of the jaw crusher. Since the working of the jaw crusher has a high requirement to the strength and stiffness of components, so finding a high strength, stiffness, and good abrasive resistance materials is the main way of the structure optimization of the jaw crusher.

2. Optimize the sizes of the jaw crusher’s parts. The structure design of the jaw crusher produced in China is unreasonable. That is because that they are mostly made depending on the old experience instead of calculation. We have to abandon this unscientific method of analysis. Make dynamics study and optimized design to the jaw crusher. Do a dynamics and kinematics analysis with soft ADAMS, and get the load and output characteristics of the various components. The optimize the size of the components to reach their ideal exercise and mechanical effects.

3. Lightweight design. Minimize the weight of jaw crusher on the promise to meet the requirements of the production. Do an electrical testing experience to the jaw crusher’s frame, movable jaw, flywheels and pulleys after lightweight design to compensate for the deficiencies of the virtual calculation.

4. Ensure the balance of the components. Because the volume and quality of jaw crusher are great, analyzing each components of the jaw crusher is unrealistic. You can optionally make a dynamic balance test on the jaw crusher’s flywheel, pulley and eccentric shaft to ensure the stably working of the equipment.

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