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The Manufacture of Jaw Crusher’s Frame

Aug 11 2014

The stiffness and strength of jaw crusher’s frame have a big influence to the overall performance and service life of the jaw crusher's main parts. So the manufacture of jaw crusher’s frame is required simple. Its weight is required light, and its strength and stiffness is required big enough. I will specifically explain the manufacture of jaw crusher’s frame to you in the following parts.

The choice of the frame structure

In the initial stage, the frame of jaw crusher is mostly for the whole cast, and the welded composite structure is very few. With the development of welding and heat treatment technology, the frame mostly adopts welded composite structure. The welded composite structure has the advantages of strong carrying capacity, high structural strength, convenient operation, short production cycle, less material consumption, and without casting capacity and venue constraints. The welded composite structure of the frame fundamentally improves the efficiency of the jaw crusher.

Tips of the frame’s welding

1. Frame is the basis of the whole jaw crusher. It bears a big impact load at work. Its weight is accounted for a larger proportion of the whole weight of the jaw crusher. The processing workload is relatively large. In the process of the frame manufacture, you must ensure its accurate dimensions. If we reduce the dimensions of the frame, and the plate thickness of the frame to reduce the amount of material, it will seriously affect the service life of the frame and affect the yield of the equipment.

2. In the welding process of the frame, we must ensure its quality. The weld joints of the steel plates must strict correspondent to the mouths on the drawing, and must reach the welding requirement. After welding, the frame must be machining processed after effectiveness treatment. This process can ensure to reduce frame’s welding stress.

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