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What Points Does the Feeding of the Impact Crusher Have?

Aug 11 2014

The feeding of the impact crusher affects its working efficiency. Only put in suitable mount of materials with a correct way, can ensure the normal operation of the impact crusher. What points does the feeding of the impact crusher have? I will explain to you from the following three aspects:

1. Correctly install the feeding device. There should be a feeding device with a proper structure at the top of the impact crusher. Correctly install the feeding device through careful check the base drawing and the dimensions of the impact crusher. The feeding device should be easy to dissemble to maintain the impact crusher. Therefore, make a further careful planning before the finalization of the structure of the feeding device.

2. Screen materials. Set up a screener at the front of the impact crusher, in order to weep out the fine and sticky materials from the crushed materials, avoiding that materials block at the discharging port, and the springs are excessively compressed because of the compacting materials. Do not make the equipment frequently overload to affect its crushing effect. Besides, install a metal detector to pick out iron and other materials that can not be crushed by the impact crusher to prevent the equipment from damage.

3. Meet the feeding requirement. If you want the impact crusher to reach the maximize crushing efficiency, the feeding device must make the mixed materials evenly distribute along with the crushing chamber. Keep the segregation of the fine material and coarse material at a minimum degree to reduce the wear of the liner. In the crushing process, ensure that there are enough materials in the crushing chamber to improve the production capacity of the equipment and reduce the energy consumption. But materials must not be excessively accumulated in the crushing chamber, or it will reduce the productivity of the equipment.

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