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The Inspection Standard of the Jaw Crusher

Aug 12 2014

In the commissioning and daily operation of the jaw crusher, we should pay attention to check the functioning of the components. What contents should we check? I will introduce you the inspection standard of the jaw crusher below.

1. Check the gearings. The length of belts is consistent, and there is no aging cracking, tearing, breaking mark and so on. The flywheel has no defects, the equipment is fasten well, the flywheel’s runout allowed values is equal to the belt, and ensure that all parts of the connecting bolts and anchor bolts are fastening.

2. Check the frame. Jaw crusher’s frame has no distortion, no wear, no welding seam and desoldering phenomenon. If find desoldering areas, weld them firmly timely.

3. Check the jaw plates. Check the wear patterns on the fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, and wedge’s bolt. Ensure that there is no slipping phenomenon on the screw rod, and no distortion on the tooth plate. There must not be cracks on the surface of the tooth plate. The size of its worn areas must be less than 30% of its original size. If one end of the tooth plate has worn, you can turn its head and reuse it. The side shields is not loose and deformation. When the size of the worn area is more than 45%, you should replace it with a new one. In addition, ensure that there is no desoldering and abnormal wearing phenomenon on the chute of the front sliding plate..

4. Check the crankshaft. There is no damage and cracks on the surface of the shaft. The journal is not bent, and the shaft Keyway has no cutting wear and other defects. Besides, and the roughness of the journal’s surface should be appropriate.

5. Check the frame of the back seat, and thrust plate. There is no distortion, sliding phenomenon and abnormal wear on the rear seat’s frame. Besides, there is no sliding and chaotic phenomenon on the gap adjustment bolt. The luck nut is firm. Clearance plate is smooth and no distortion, the number of shims inserted or withdrawn can adjust broken granularity of materials. Ensure that the thrust plate cannot be broken and cracked. The thickness of the two ends’ worn parts can not be more than 40% of the total thickness.

6. Check the spring rod. There is no cracks, deformation, fracture and failure on the spring. And there is no crack on the rod hook. The contact surface between the spring seat and spring end should be greater than 75%, so that the nut can lock firmly in the process of crushing.

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