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The Using Common Sense of Jaw Crusher’s Bearings

Aug 12 2014

The use of jaw crusher’s bearing affects the overall performance of the whole equipment. So in the daily operation, we should pay attention to check the use of the bearings, correctly disassemble the bearings and ensure the good lubrication of them. His article will introduce you the using common sense of jaw crusher’s bearings.

1. Check the bearing if there is no rust, pitting, cracks and other defects, then it is available for the jaw crusher, otherwise the bearing will break shortly.

2. There should not be pad between the bearing and bearing seat. If there is a gap between them, you can insert a sleeve or replace a new bearing. Ensure that the blot used to fix the bearing seat is sealed tightly and the oil can not run out. The dust can not come in.

3. The bearing clearance of jaw crusher should meet the needs of the bearing operation to avoid failure in the working process.

4. When replace the bearing, and remove the bearing above the journal, you should make force on the bearing’s inner ring. If you want to lift up the bearing in the mounting hole, you should make force on the outer ring.

5. Before the installation of the bearing, measure the bearing and bearing hole to see whether there is deviation or not. Paint the oil on the bearing’s inner and outer rings. Bearings must be installed in place, and close to the shoulder. Examine it with a 0.05mm feeler. And the insertion depth is less than a third of the height of the shoulder.

6. When disassemble the bearing, the mating surfaces of its end cap and its attendance and lower seat must be coated with sealant. And keep the lubricants holes unblocked and the oil cup intact.

7. When lubricate for the bearing, add calcium grease to the bearing capacity of 50% -70%. Change it every three months. Before the change, clean the bearing with clean gasoline.

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