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The Main Parameters of Jaw Crusher’s Bearings

Aug 12 2014

To ensure the common operation of the jaw crusher, all the parameters of the jaw crusher must meet the requirement. In order to help customers to select a suitable parameters for the bearing, this article will explain to you the main parameters of jaw crusher’s bearings in the following parts.

1. The models of bearings. Due to the working nature of the jaw crusher, bearings suffer a big impact load during work. So we usually use spherical roller bearing in the jaw crusher. Such bearing’s radial load capacity is big. Besides it can bearing axial loads from two directions. It is especially suitable for the jaw crusher and other heavy machinery.

2. The precision of the bearings. The precision of the bearings mainly includes two aspects: dimensional tolerances and precision rotation. Since the jaw crusher generally work with the spindle’s speed less than 300r/min. No matter the geometric tolerances or the rotation radial and axial runout errors of the various parts of the bearing all selects bearing with ordinary precision bearings which can meet the customers’ requirements.

3. The size of the bearings. Generally, we calculate the crushing force according the size of the eccentric shaft. After the frame bearing of the eccentric shaft and the journal of the bearing are decided, then we can decide the size of the bearing according them. Usually we use a wide range of specifications as much as possible. And then check the theory service life of bearings to meet the relevant criteria. And correctly select the size of the bearings.

4. The crushing force. When the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher rotates a lap, the movable jaw will move forward to squeeze and crusher the materials, or move backward to discharge the crushed materials. So the bearing suffers a pulse cyclic stress.

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