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The Analysis of the Failure of Jaw Crusher’s Bolts

Aug 12 2014

With the application of jaw crusher, it is more and more frequently used in the cement production line. Due to the working nature of the cement mill production line, the bolts that are used to fasten the movable jaw is often deadly knotted by the dust and clinker, resulting in the failure of the bolt. This article will introduce you the analysis of the failure of jaw crusher’s bolts.


To prevent that a large number of wet slag impacts the quality of the cement, we generally add a process that mixes the slag and clinker completely to dry the wet slag besides the clinker chain plate machine. So there is lots of water vapor producing in this process which makes the dust and clinker that are deposited in the bolt holes enter into the bolts, causing the bolt failure. The jaw crusher’s movable jaw becomes looser and looser.


When the bolt is failure, we generally use movable radial drilling to drill off the failure bolts without removal of the flywheel and pulley. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Select a good operating point. Steadily fix the drilling. And well arrange the position of the movable jaw. Install a 28x291 drilling head on the drilling. Determine the vertical position of the drill’s spindle and the rest screw. Then pad for the move jaw well.

2. Keep the speed of the spindle 425r / min. Pre-drill the failure bolt with 28x291 drilling head until drill the depth of the drilling head.

3. Then change the 28x291 drilling head with the 28x29, and continue to drill. Pay attention to the drilling force and cool down the blade of the drill. The rocker can be rolled down a little until the screw can move easily or knock themselves down, or even all been drilled.

By the above steps, you can successfully drill the failure bolt down, and then install the new bolt on.

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