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The Lubrication and Sealing of Jaw Crusher’s Bearing

Aug 12 2014

The good maintenance of the jaw crusher’s bearing can prolong the service life of the jaw crusher’s bearing. To the maintenance of the jaw crusher’s bearing, the most important two aspects are lubrication and sealing. So this article will introduce you the lubrication and sealing of jaw crusher’s bearing.

The lubrication

Under the same conditions, if the lubricating method is correct, ie the correct choice of lubricant for the jaw crusher, it can greatly improve the service life of the bearing. Early jaw crusher have ever used sliding bearing and used thin oil for lubrication. With the continuous development of technology, more and more jaw crusher manufacturers use sliding bearings, and there are still a few companies that use thin oil for lubrication, but the lubrication effect is not ideal. After many researches on the improvement of the jaw crusher’s service life by many jaw crusher manufacturers, they all propose the amendments of the traditional calculation methods of the bearing’s service life. And they propose to use grease for lubrication and suggest to use the 2nd penetration of lithium-based synthetic oil as the lubricating grease.

The sealing

When bearings use grease for lubrication, they commonly adopt labyrinth seals. According to the sealing position, the labyrinth can be taken by the two ways: radial and axial, and the radial seal is relatively easy to layout. For the large size of jaw crusher, since its eccentric shaft’s deflection is big, and the labyrinth seal can lead to a maze collide, so there is a big gap in it. To improve the sealing effect of the labyrinth, we can specifically a grease adding hole at the maze and seal the bearing by adding stearin.

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