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The Maintenance of Jaw crusher’s lubrication System

Aug 13 2014

The lubrication system of jaw crusher is one of the important parts of the equipment. If the lubrication system does not work well, it will greatly affect the production. Therefore, in the daily production, we must be careful to check the lubrication system and maintain the lubrication system of the jaw crusher well.

The daily inspection of the lubrication system

1. When the jaw crusher is at work, listen the gear pump whether there is crashing noise in it or not, and check the value of the hydraulic table, the fuel inside the tank and lubrication systems whether there is oil leaking phenomenon or not, etc. If the oil is not enough, supple it immediately.

2. Check the returning oil of the pipe to see whether there is metal powder and other contaminants in it or not. If there is, you should stop the equipment immediately and open the bearing and other lubricated parts to inspect and promptly clean it. Ensure that the pipe is unobstructed.

3. In the production, we should pay attention to check the temperature of the bearing, and judge whether the lubrication system is normal or not through the temperature. If the temperature of the bearing is too high, then the lubrication system may be failure. You should stop the equipment and check it immediately.

Keep the lubrication system clean

1. If dust, dirt and other debris enter into the lubrication system, they will destroy the lubricating oil film and make the oil deterioration, leading the equipment to loss lubrication, accelerating the wear of components, and shortening the service life of the equipment. So we must keep the lubrication system clean.

2. Change the lubricant of the tank every six months. When you change the lubricant, you should clean all the lubricated components, and the equipment can be continued to use until the components are completely dried in the air.

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