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Imperfections of Jaw Crusher

Aug 13 2014

As the excellent performance jaw crusher is widely recognized, while its imperfections also appear. This article will introduce you the imperfections of jaw crusher.

1. High energy consumption. Due to the special working nature of the jaw crusher, the energy consumption of the jaw crusher is very high. So developing a type of jaw crusher with low energy consumption and high production capacity is still an important task. Jaw crushers have large, medium and small three categories, of which the large jaw crusher’s energy consumption is the highest.

2. Fast parts wear. Components of jaw crusher that are easy to be worn include: jaw plates, tooth plates and so on. Especially the tooth plate, according to the experience, the average service life of the tooth plate is only 60h. It means that we should replace the tooth plate less than a week. The replacement of the tooth plate not only brings a lot of inconvenience, but also increases the crushing cost, and affects the production.

3. Heavy weight. Since the jaw crusher is a large mechanical equipment, its weight is very heavy, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the movement and work of the equipment. Especially the jaw crusher’s frame, it is the base of the whole equipment, and it suffers a lot of impact load at work. Its stiffness and strength have a big influence on both its performance and its service life. And its weight is a large proportion of the whole weight. The rational design of the rack is a good way to reduce the weight and performance of the jaw crusher.

4. Dust pollution. Jaw crusher is usually used for crushing ores with big crushing radio and different granularities. The crushed powder and massive materials are directly sent out by belt. Part of materials roll to the ground, so there are a thick layer of materials stacked on the ground. And part of the materials fly into the air, so there are many dusts in the air at the export. These pollutions brings great inconvenience to the production. Besides, Dust pollution is serious harm to the health of the operator.

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