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A Full Description of Jaw Crusher’s Liner

Aug 13 2014

Jaw plates of the jaw crusher crush materials directly in the production. To reduce the wear of the jaw plate, there is a layer of liner between the jaw plates and the crushing chamber. This article will give you a full description of jaw crusher’s liner. Wish you can get what you need!

Materials used to make the liner

Liner is usually made of wear-resistant materials. The liner of the small type jaw crusher is made of a white cast iron. And the liner of the big size jaw crusher is made of high-manganese steel. With the effect of the impact load, the surface of the liner quickly become hard and wear-resistant, while still maintains its original metal toughness.

The structure of the liner

The wear of different part of the liner is uneven. Usually the lower part of the liner is easy to wear. So the liner is usually made of up and down two symmetrical parts. When the lower part is worn, we can exchange it with the upper part and reuse it to prolong the service life of the liner. For the large size jaw crusher, its liner is made with several parts, and they are interchangeable between them.

The installation of the liner

Liner is fixed by countersunk bolts. You can replace them after retirement. In order to make each points of the liner suffer a even force. We usually pad with plastic precipitation, such as lead, aluminum, zinc alloy plate, carbon steel or pouring cement mortar, between the liner and jaw plates, so that liner and jaw can closely contact each other.

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