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How to Choose the Shape and Tooth Shape of the Jaw Crusher’s Liner

Aug 13 2014

Liner is used to protect the jaw crusher’s jaw plate. The shape and tooth shape of the liner can directly affect the production capacity and yield of the jaw crusher. How to choose the shape and tooth shape of the jaw crusher’s liner? This article will tell you the answer in the following parts:

How to choose the shape of the liner?

1. Liner has smooth and flat two shapes. The liner with flat face is easy lead to the clogging tendency as the falling of the materials. This tendency reaches a maximum value when materials arrive at the discharging port. It is the main reason for the overload of the jaw crusher and the wear of the liner’s lower part. Besides, the production capacity of the jaw crusher with plat liner reduces as the deepening of the discharging area. So both sides of the chamber adopt smooth liner.

2. When the jaw crusher adopts curved surface lining, it is not easy to clog, the wear of the liner reduce, and its production capacity become high. At the same time, there is a parallel band on both ends of the mobile jaw and fixed jaw, and they can still keep parallel after a long term work. So its crushed products are uniform.

How to cheese the tooth shape of the liner?

1. The surface of the liner is designed as wavy surface or triangular tooth. When install it, the tooth peaks of the two liners are just relative to the tooth valley. Besides, the angle of the tooth peak is generally between 90-120 degrees. Such design is easy to crush materials.

2. If the jaw crusher is used to coarse crush, we’d better adopt the wavy surface, and the angle can appropriately take a little bigger, usually close to the particle size. The ratio between the height of the tooth and the pitch of the tooth is generally 1/2-1/3.

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