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The Driving Mechanism of Jaw Crusher

Aug 13 2014

The driving mechanism of jaw crusher is an important part of the equipment. Only the operation of the driving mechanism is normal, can the equipment work normally. So I will introduce you the driving mechanism of jaw crusher bellow.

The eccentric shaft: the eccentric shaft is a key part to drive the connecting rod and the moveable jaw to do up and down movement. The eccentric portion of the eccentric shaft is suspended on the rod. The flywheel and the belt wheel are installed at the two ends of the eccentric shaft. Besides rotation, the belt wheel pays a role of flywheel. They both have large diameters and heavy weight. They are used to promote the jaw crusher to make a stable operation and make the power even. The eccentric shaft of the large and medium-sized jaw crusher is made of alloy steel, and the eccentric shaft of the small size jaw crusher is made of carbon steel. The hanging axis adopts high quality alloy steel or carbon steel.

The thrust plate: The thrust plate is used to connect the connecting rod, the movable jaw and the intermediate frame, and to pass the force to the connecting rod. Since the thrust plate suffers a nig pressure, it is usually integrally casted by iron, few are modular. Thrust plate has a certain swing angle. It connects with other parts by hinge connection. Liner is inlaid inside of it, and the liner is called thrust plate seat or support bearing. And the liner is made of high manganese steel. In order to reduce the wear of the thrust plate and thrust plate seat. Besides add lubricant at the junction, dust and powder materials are forbidden to enter into the junction. So a dust block board should be installed at the junction.

The connecting rod: the connecting rod is made of steel. It moves up and down. To reduce its inertial force, we must try our best to reduce its weight. So its lower the cross section is made of the shapes of a cross or box. There are two types for the connecting rod: whole structure and composite structure. The former is suitable for medium and small jaw crusher. And the latter is suitable for the large size jaw crusher.

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