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The Development Trend of Jaw Crusher

Aug 14 2014

There are kinds of crushers in the market. If you want to occupy a place in the competition, you should constantly improve the quality and performance of your equipment. Let’s discuss the development trend of jaw crusher below.

1. More crushing and less grinding. With the concept of more crushing and less grinding being presented, the jaw crusher is gradually developing to the direction of fine crushing, high efficiency and energy-saving. Material crushing is an indispensable production process in many industries, such as, metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemicals, ceramics road construction and other industries. Since different materials have different structures and characteristics, to meet the requirements of a variety of materials, there are many kinds of crushers in the market. For grinding needs more energy consumption, so to save energy and improve production efficiency, jaw crusher’s crushing function should be further developed and enhanced.

2. Improve the structure of the jaw crusher constantly. Optimization method has many algorithms because of different variables, and constraints. Take compound pendulum jaw crusher as an example, to optimize the design of the crank radius, we can get the best size parameters of the device on the promise of realizing the process requirements. Of course, since the mathematical model is different, the objective function obtained is also different, such as, the crank radius, the eigenvalues of jaw crusher’s discharge port, and the discharged material volume of a crushing cycle. In short, our purpose is that make jaw crusher have the best crushing effect, and its production capacity is maximized.

3. Improve its degree of automation. To make the design of the jaw crusher more convenient and organize specialized production, computer-aided design combined with automatic design is gradually accepted. On the promise of the high quality and low cost, such design method improves the automatic degree of the jaw crusher. Take the CAD system as an example, it has basically achieved jaw crusher’s automatic design, optimization, and drawing. And it has finished the three-dimensional solid model design of the jaw crusher.

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