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How to Make the Crushing Shape of Jaw Crusher Better

Aug 14 2014

With the continuous expansion of the mining scale, and the increasing demand for sand and gravel materials, jaw crusher is widely welcomed by customers. However, customers have higher and higher requirement to the particle shape of the materials. How to make the crushing shape of jaw crusher better? I will explain is in the following parts:

1. In the crushing process of jaw crusher, there are many factors that affect the product grain shape, such as, the hardness of the material itself, the particle size, its composition, the size of the discharge mouth, and the state of the materials in the crushing chamber. In order to improve the performance of jaw crusher and get materials with the best characteristics, when feed for the jaw crusher, you should put materials with certain specifications. Their hardness and grain size could not be too large, and do not feed too much at a time.

2. Due to the long time work of the jaw crusher, the size of its discharging mouth increases. If the discharging mouth is not adjusted promptly, then materials may be discharged before being crushed. Therefore, in the actual production, we should the appropriate specifications jaw crusher according to the feeding size. And adjust the size of the discharging mouth timely according to the feeding size to get the best product grain shape.

3. In the material crushing process of the jaw crusher, no matter the material layer or a single particle crushing, we all wash to get products with small particle size. The material layer crushing can get product with smaller particle size than the single particle crushing. So in the production , we should try to maintain suitable material layer in the crushing cavity to reduce the particle size of crushed product.

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