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How to Improve the Adjustment Method of Jaw Crusher’s Granularity

Aug 14 2014

Jaw Crusher is one of the most commonly used devices in crushers. In the production, we adjust the size of the discharge mouth to meet the specific requirements of the granularity. How to improve the adjustment method of jaw crusher’s granularity? I will tell you in the following parts.

With the long-term operation of jaw crusher, its tooth plate is constantly worn, and the size of its discharging mouth becomes bigger and bigger. The adjusting device of jaw crusher is used for adjusting the size of the discharge mouth. To ensure the particle size of the products, we must regularly adjust the size of the discharge mouth by the adjusting device. Besides, if the requirement of the products size changes, the discharge mouth also need to adjust.

Generally speaking, the discharge mouth needs to adjust per month. Because the size of the discharge mouth returns its old size after a month work. That is because the force suffered by the tooth plate of the jaw crusher is passed to the gear, and then the gear will rotate to the reverse direction, so the gap between the mobile tooth plate and fixed tooth plate becomes wide.

Therefore, when adjust the size of the discharge moth, take out the intermediate gear, and evenly tighten gears at the two sides. After the gap between them is adjusted well, then insert the intermediate gear. The intermediate gear plays a role of positioning. The gap will not be wide even after a long time work by this way, which reduces the adjustment of the discharge mouth, and its influence on the normal production.

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