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The Advanced Characteristics of the Jaw Crusher’s Components

Aug 15 2014

Since the structure of jaw crusher is simple, its work is reliable, its maintenance is convenient, and its operation is easy, so it is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and other industrial to crush raw materials. Since the birth of the first jaw crusher, its structure is constantly improved, and its performance is continues improved. Let's discuss the advanced characteristics of the jaw crusher’s components below.

1. The old jaw is replaced by the new adjustable jaw. And there are two holes at the ends of the jaw to be hung. It can be exchanged directly after wear, which reduce the maintenance trouble.

2. The adjusting seat of the frame is no longer made through conventional welding method but formed by casting with the frame. And its track is widened to put in pad. This kind of pad is replaceable type. It can be replaced directly after wear.

3. The thrust plate of the traditional jaw crusher is formed into arc type. If its the processing is not accurate, then it will be broken at work. The new type of the thrust plate is cube. It is simple, easy to use and can keep its whole performance.

4. Give up the overall effect of the pulley and the flywheel. Change their structure into modular structure. The conical bore is axis hole, which reduces the drag and wear of the thrust plate.

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