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The Manufacture of Jaw Crusher’s Key Components

Aug 15 2014

For the jaw crusher, the spindle, movable jaw, tooth plate and the eccentric shaft are its key components. The perfect process and quality of the components determines the working performance of the jaw crusher, so the manufacture of the components is very important. This article will introduce you the manufacture of jaw crusher’s key components.

1. The main shaft: According to the technical requirements and the actual situation, the main shaft bears a tremendous pressure, so it must adopt the forged material. Many manufactures improve the main shaft by processing the round steel. That is because that the round steel can achieve higher IDE lattice organization and improve its mechanical performance after forging. If the round steel is directly used in the jaw crusher, the production costs indeed reduce, but it will eventually lead to the substandard quality of the main shaft. We must the correct way to manufacture the components of jaw crusher.

2. The movable jaw: the movable jaw directly bears the crushing force of materials. So the strength of the movable jaw must be enough. And its weight must be relatively light to reduce the inertial force caused by the reciprocating rocking. So the movable jaw must be casted by the high quality steel. The movable jaw of the large size jaw crusher is made of cast steel to hollow box shape. And the movable jaw of the small size jaw crusher is made into a small rib structure.

3. The frame: With the continuous development of jaw crusher, the application of welding frame is wider and wider. The welding frame is easy to manufacture, its weight is light, and its performance is advantageous. The welding frame has a high requirement to welding technology and quality. In the manufacturing process, reduce the welding stress to avoid affecting the service life of it.

4. The eccentric shaft: the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher is the main component of the crushing chamber. The eccentric shaft of jaw crusher has been improved on the basis of its traditional structure. Now the jaw crusher adopts the new design theory of the nip angle to optimize the body cavity, and reinforce its weak links to improve the overall performance of the crushing chamber.

5. The tooth plate: In the jaw crusher’s production process, the tooth plate and materials make a relative short sliding, resulting in the wear of the tooth plate. Or materials squeeze the tooth plate repeatedly, leading to the deformation of the tooth plate. Tooth plate suffers plastic deformation wear and cutting wear in the use of it. So tooth plate must be made of materials with high hardness to withstand squeezing, and a certain toughness to reduce the wear of it.

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