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Why Does the Compound Pendulum Jaw Crusher Have Much Dust

Aug 16 2014

Since the dust prevention effect of the compound pendulum jaw crusher is bad at the production site, so there is much dust at there, which affects not only the health of the operators, but the work of the production. Why does the Compound pendulum jaw crusher have much dust? This article will give you a specific explanation below.

What causes so much dust?

1. The suction hood is too far to the dust exit, and the angle design is unreasonable, so that dust is easy to spread and difficult to collect.

2. The water pressure of the sprayer is low, so the spray effect is poor; the number of the sprayer is few, and there is only one sprayer at each exit.

3. The dust prevention device is set behind the crushing chamber of the compound pendulum jaw crusher, so there is about 25 percent of the amount of dust that can not be collected.

How to improve it?

We should improve the structure and process of the compound pendulum jaw crusher to reduce the dust from the source. For example, re-install the dust collector according to the shape of the equipment. When install it, you should pay attention to the angle and distance of the suction hood to the dust exit. Besides, you can install an additional sprayer cover.

In the production, the number of the dust has a close relationship to the amount of the ores and crushing efficiency. So we usually set a screener in the front of the jaw crusher, and screen the ores before they enter the equipment. Only the ores whose size is larger than a certain size can enter into the jaw crusher to be crushed. However the screener is easy to plug, and then dust will be produced. So we must clean the screener timely to prevent dust from producing during work.

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