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How to Reduce the Dust Produced by the Jaw Crusher

Aug 16 2014

Jaw crusher produces a lot of dust in the crushing line, so that the operators can not operate the equipment correctly. Besides, the dust is harmful to the environment health of operators. How to reduce the dust produced by the jaw crusher? I will explain to you in the following parts.

Method one: we can not change the chute and dust collector cover of the belt because of its own reason. So we make a clothing cover to the collector, so that the dust cover can be in the state of slightly negative pressure to the dust of the belt.

Method two: strengthen the management of dust removal equipment. Regularly check the dust cover to see whether it is close or not. If find any problems, solve them immediately. Do objective management to the bag type dust collector monitor the dust, and improve the maintenance level of the dust collector, and try our best to reduce the dust pollution.

Method three: improve the manufacture of the bag type dust collector. Install the dust collector according to the direction of the jaw crusher. Change the standard type ash hopper of the dust collector into the dual head ash hopper, and then a screw conveyor can be canceled, and the collector is raised, which is conductive to install the blast pipe. Set a air intake box, at the inlet, so that the dust at the discharge port can directly enter into the box, saving the elbow, reducing the resistance of the system, and improving the collection efficiency. The hopper lock adopts the single flap valve, and the motor and the sub-grid-wheel feeder are canceled. This improvement reduces the secondary dust, and improves the dust removal effect.

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