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How to Solve the Vibration Problems of the Jaw Crusher

Aug 16 2014

Jaw crusher is a large crushing machine, and vibration is inevitable in production. But severe vibration will affect the normal production of the equipment, and shorten the life of the equipment. So when the equipment vibrates abnormally, we should find out the reason and solve it immediately. Now let's look at how to solve the vibrating problems of the jaw crusher in the following parts.

1. Check the bolts at the bottom of the frame and see whether they are loose or not. If the blots are loose in the operation, the jaw crusher will vibrate. So we should check the blots regularly during work, if find and loose blots, tighten them immediately.

2. If the swing of the movable jaw is two long, the jaw crusher will vibrate abnormally. So we put a conveyor whose size is same with the adjustment pad between the adjustment pads to reduce the swing stress of the movable jaw, and reduce the vibration in a certain range. In order to prevent the pad from jumping up, we need to weld two plates on the adjustment pad.

3. If the main shaft of the jaw crusher bears an uneven force, or it overload works for a long time, the main shaft will seriously bent, and results in the vibration of the jaw crusher. At this point we should promptly correct the main shaft. If it can not be corrected, we should change it with a new one.

4. If the installation of the bearings is incorrect, the gap between the bearings is unreasonable or the bearing is damaged, the jaw crusher also will vibrate. If this phenomenon happens, we should check the gap between the bearings, and adjust the gap. If the bearings are damaged, we should change them with new ones. Meanwhile, the bearings must be lubricated well in the production to reduce the vibration caused by the damage of the bearings.

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