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Advanced Technologies Used in Jaw Crusher

Aug 18 2014

Jaw crusher is widely used in the first crushing process of the ore extraction. The performance and efficiency of the jaw crusher are required more and more seriously by customers. So jaw crusher manufacturers use lots of advanced technologies in the production of the jaw crusher to improve its performance. This article will introduce you the advanced technologies used in jaw crusher.

Welding technique

1. The traditional jaw crusher mostly adopts steel frame, but now it widely adopts welding frame. The small size jaw crusher uses entirely welding frame, and the large size jaw crusher uses welding frame with four or six parts. Even the flywheel and pulley are made by welding.

2. The front and behind gears of the jaw crusher are welded separately, which improves the characteristics of the equipment. The two gears connect with the integral bearing seat and the side panel, reducing the number of maintenance and prolong the working time.

Dynamic analysis technique

1. According to the dynamics analysis, get the each branch deputy campaign’s reaction force of the four-bar mechanism, especially the frame’s reaction force, and then get the change rule of the vibrating frame. The change rule can provide a theoretical basis to the design of the frame.

2. The new jaw crusher adopts the advanced kinematic design, improving the speed of the device and its overload ability. Besides, we develop a rolling bearing that can withstand large impact loads, extending its replacement cycle.

Hydraulic technique

Jaw crusher adopts hydraulic technology and circulation lubrication system, for example, the insurance and nesting population adjustment device controlled by hydraulic pressure; the rolling bearing adopts thin oil recycling system; the rotating system adopts hydraulic couplings, and etc. if there are materials that can not be crushed by the jaw crusher enter into the equipment, they will affect the production, and even cause damage to the equipment. So the hydraulic overload protection is widely used in many jaw crushers because of its unique advantages.

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