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A Full Description of the Coal Briquette Press Machine

Aug 27 2014

Coal briquette press machine is a kind of molding equipment to mix one or more materials with a certain proportion of binder together and then press them into certain shapes with certain chemical properties. Materials after briquetting by the briquette press machine are easy to transport, and environment friendly. It is mainly used to process coal powder, charcoal powder, carbon powder, bamboo carbon, coke toner, hookah carbon, graphite, carbon shell page, Jujube carbon, blue charcoal, activated carbon, and wastes. Coal briquette press machine can produce square shape, egg-shaped, round, column, bread, and pillow shaped ball. This article will gives you a full description of the coal briquette press machine.

Equipment configuration

The supporting equipment of the coal briquette press machine produced by Fote machinery is briquette press machine, agitator, feeder, and accessory equipment. Different production line is equipped with different equipment. A complete production line can automatically finish the production, saving manpower and resources.

The material of the equipment

To enhance the stress intensity, coal briquette press machines produced by Fote machinery are all forged by 65 manganese, and chromium molybdenum nine. Their hardness is over 60. Besides, the equipment is processed by our exclusive high anti-wear technology to improve its service life of 5-8 times. It is used for deep-processing coal, coal slime, late coke, iron ore, iron oxide, and refractory materials.

The characteristics of the equipment

1. This equipment has a reasonable design, reliable quality, simple structure, convenient operation, small volume, and small foot print. Besides, it is power saving;

2. it changes the three bearings of the old equipment to four bearings, increasing the stability and durability of the equipment;

3. The main part of the equipment adopts a special treatment of the wear-resistant material. So it can be used to continuous production. And it is durable.

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