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Four Major Anti-dust Device of the Cone Crusher

Aug 28 2014

During the work of crushers, the medium and fine crushers will produce more dust than the primary crushers. So the anti-dust device is the necessary part of the cone crusher. This article will introduce you the four major anti-dust device of cone crusher.

1. Water seal anti-dust device

Spherical ring is inserted into the sink. During the work of the cone crusher, it will stop dust outside, and then the dust will fall into water. The water flow into the sink though a water inlet pipe. When the sink is full, water will overflow out of the sink to the round drainage channel with the dust. So that dust with water will flow outside of the equipment though the drainage pipe.

2. Foam anti-dust device

Firstly remove the anti-dust ring on the bearing shelve, and then clean up the circle sink. At last, select foam with suitable thickness, and cut it into a box shape. Ensure that there are 20 ~ 30mm telescopic amount of it height. Then fix it on the sink with glue. When the cone crusher works, the foam will tightly close to the round ring, so that dust can not come into the equipment.

3. Apron vice anti-dust device

Make a rubber gasket according to the inside of the cone crusher’s body and the outside of bearing shelve. Install the cone apron on the shelves of the bearing, and install the cylindrical apron on the cone body. Ensure that the rubber gasket can contact with the aprons in any direction. When the cone crusher works, the cylindrical apron will swing as the rotation of the crusher, while the cone apron will always snap the cylindrical apron. So that dust will can not enter into the equipment.

4. Water seal felt anti-dust device

Fix the felt on the outer edge of the bearing shelves by the pressing plate. Ensure the height of the felt has a certain compressible amount. Then douse the felt with lubricant to reduce the wear. This method is simple and has a good sealing effect. Besides, the service life of the felt is long. The practice verifies that there is no dust on the bearing, the quality of the lubricant basically does not change, and the felt is intact after several months of use.

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