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A Full Introduction of the Cone Crusher’s Dust Guard

Aug 29 2014

Cone crusher is widely used for medium and fine crushing materials. However there are lots of dusts in the production site. To reduce the damage of the dust to the equipment, dust guard is installed on the cone crusher. This article will give you a full introduction of the cone crusher’s dust guard.

The function of the dust guard

The dust produced during the work of the cone crusher can enter in to the lubricating system. If we do not stop it, it will make the filter clog quickly and make the bearings wear sooner. The dust guard can stop dust entering into the equipment. Ensure th4e lubrication of the bearing and normal work of the cone crusher.

The daily inspection of the dust guard

During the use of the cone crusher, please inspect the dust guard regularly. Check the cover of the dust guard and see whether it is loose or not. If it is, then the shell of the dust guard has been worn. Besides, check whether dust can enter into the sealing ring or not. If it can, then the surface of the dust guard has been worn.

The replacement of the dust guard

Disassembly: when you take apart the dust guard, you should be careful and do not damage the sealing ring. For the sealing ring plays an important role in the dust guard. To prevent the dust guard is upside down, the dust guard can be pulled by four slings with longer bolts.

Installation: when you reinstall the dust guard, ensure that the holes of the sealing ring are rightly aligned at the low casing of the dust guard. And ensure that the positioning pin of the low casing is aligned at the its corresponding hole, so that the positioning pin can be put into the gear shaft.

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