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What Requirements Does the Discharge Device of Cone Crusher Need to Meet

Aug 29 2014

Discharge device of the cone crusher is used for discharging finished materials out of the equipment. Discharge device must ensure finished materials to be discharged from the cone crushers smoothly. What requirements does the discharge device of cone crusher need to meet? This article will give you a full introduction.

1. Different kinds of equipment are equipped with different discharge devices. The structure of the discharge device must meet the drawing’s requirement. It can be made of metal or wood. There must be a hole in the discharging chamber to clean up and check the discharge device.

2. There must be some board in the discharge chamber. Because if there is no pad, when the crushed materials fall down into the discharge chamber, then will hit on the bottom of the discharge chamber and break it because of their big impact power. So the pad can prolong the service life of the discharge chamber. For the hopper, the dip angle between it and the horizontal plane must be more 45. If the material is very sticky, then the dip angle should be bigger.

3. There must be enough place between the frame and the bottom of the discharge chamber and between the hopper or discharge port and the belt conveyor. Ensure the discharge port is smooth to prevent materials from clogging and the operation of the cone crusher is normal.

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