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How to Adjust the Discharge Port of the Cone Crusher

Aug 29 2014

The size of the cone crusher’s discharge port determines the particle size of the finished products. During the actual production, the size of the discharge port needs to be adjusted according to the actual needs. Besides, the cone crusher will be worn after a long time work, and the particle size will also change correspondingly. So we should adjust the discharge port of the cone crusher regularly. However, how to adjust the discharge port of the cone crusher? This article will give you a specific introduction.

Adjusting methods

The discharge port is mainly adjusted by the dropping cone plate and the sawtooth thread between the adjusting ring and supporting sleeve. The supporting sleeve is on the frame of the cone crusher. It makes the springs that are around it connect tightly with the frame. There are sawtooth threads on the supporting sleeve, and the adjusting ring equipped with a fixed umbrella-plate is screwed on the threads. Rotate the adjustment ring, then the umbrella-plate will go up or down, and the size of the discharging port becomes big and small correspondingly.

Notes in the adjustment

When you adjust the size of the discharging port, you should know that the size of the discharging port can not be smaller than the specified size. If the threads ate clogging and can not rotate in the process of you adjustment, then you should lubricate for them. If there is no lubricant on the site, then you should firstly discharge some ores, and then rotate the threads again.

Inspections after adjustment

After adjusting, you can measure the size of the discharge port with a shot tied by a steel wire. Gently lift the adjustment ring, and put the shot into the crushing chamber while rotate it. Measure the size of the discharge port form four relative position of the crushing chamber and see whether adjustment is correct or not. If the adjustment can meet the requirement, lock the adjustment ring by a lock cylinder, and then can you start the cone crusher again.

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