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What Are the Pros and Cons of Jaw Crusher?

Sep 02 2014

Although the working condition of jaw crusher is poor, the product of jaw crusher is very perfect. Although jaw crusher has thousands advantages, it also has disadvantages which need us to improve. What are the pros and cons of jaw crusher? This article will give you a specific analysis.


Jaw crusher has the following advantages: high production efficiency, big crushing ratio (generally 6~8), small size, convenient maintenance and inspection, simple operation, widely application, not easy to clog, etc. so jaw crusher is widely used for various kinds of ores whose hardness is not more than 92,500 kg / sq cm, and compressive strength is not more than 200. it is the best crusher to be used as the coarse and medium crusher.


Jaw crusher needs a great swing device which increases the energy consumption. When the crusher is used for crushing wet plasticity materials, it is easy to be clogged. Since there is a great inertial forces produced during operation, the swing of the body is great, the work of the equipment is instable, and the vibration and the noise of the equipment is big. So jaw crusher must be installed on the concrete foundation whose weight is four times bigger than jaw crusher’s, and vibration isolation measures should be taken. Besides, for the big scale jaw crusher, it should be installed on the steel beam that is on the foundation.

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