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The Performance and Characteristics of the Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Sep 02 2014

HP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher performs better than spring cone crusher and other common hydraulic cone crusher. This article will introduce you the performance and characteristics of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

High production capacity, good particle shape

1. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher combines the high rotating speed and the stroke, which improves the equipment’s rated power, crushing ratio and the production efficiency. Besides, Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has many types of crushing chambers from the standard super coarse to the short head super fine, so its application is more flexible and wider, and it can meet more requirements of particle size.

2, Design a special crushing chamber and set a rotating speed matched with the crushing speed according to the intergranular laminating principle instead of the single particle crushing theory. So the equipment realizes the selective crushing of materials. Besides, such design significantly improves the proportion of fine crushing and the cube products, and greatly reduces the flakiness products.

Simple operation, convenient maintenance

1. All parts of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be took apart and maintained from the top or the side of the equipment. The disassembly of the movable jaw and fixed jaw is easy too. It does not need to dismantle the frame and loosen bolts. Besides, the replacement and daily maintenance of the liner is more convenient.

2. the unique thin oil lubrication system improves the lubricating performance of the equipment, and prolong the service life of the device. The high performance non-tact labyrinth seals has no wear, which improves the reliability of blocking dust, and eliminate the phenomenon of water and oil mixing which is often happened on the spring cone crusher fundamentally.

Less failure

1. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has bidirection hydraulic cylinder system. When iron which can not be crushed enters into the crushing chamber, or when the equipment stops suddenly, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can jack up the cover to discharge the uncrushed materials by the hydraulic cylinder system. But for the spring cone crusher, if it meet this situation, it should be stopped by the operator and human discharge the uncrushed materials out, which is very trouble. What’s worse, some crushers produced by other manufactures may be locked deadly by the unwelcome iron. The hydraulic discharging system and the overload production methods make he multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher work more smoothly and reliably. Besides, its maintenance is more simple, its operation is more convenient, and its stopping time is shorter.

2. All the easy-wear parts of the equipment have operators to prevent them from wearing. So there is few failures in the operating. And its service life can be improved by more than 30% by this way. The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in the large scale stone processing plant, solving the problems of little crushing ratio, large energy consumption, and the problems that the hammer head, impact plate and liner are easy to be worn which is common in traditional cone crusher.

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