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The Installation of the Cone Crusher’s Frame

Sep 04 2014

To make the maintenance of the frame convenient, the frame of the cone crusher is installed by base plates. The base plates not only make the adjustment of the frame convenient, but can simply the workload and improve the maintenance efficiency. This article will introduce you the installation of the cone crusher’s frame.

1. Notes of the installation of the base plates. The installation foundation must be parallel with the base plate to avoid the base plate from loosing and tipping. So that the base plate can suffer evenly force and keep its stability to avoid the operating failure from happening.

2. The installation of the base plates group. When install a cone crusher, it generally needs 8-12 groups of base plates, and each group has not more than five pieces of base plates. The base plates are installed near to the foundation bolts, and the perfect installation of the base plate is that the base plate is come out about 10-50mm of the frame foundation, and the length that base plates in the foundation must be deeper than the length of the foundation bolts’ center line.

3. The welding of the base plates. After the installation of the base plates, to make them more reliable, they must be welded together. And welding them tighter can promise their accurate position when install them.

4. The adjustment of the horizontal level and vertical level. The adjustment of the horizontal level refers to the annular surface of the spherical bearing block. Its horizontal deviation must be less than 0.1/1000. The adjustment of the vertical level refers to the center of the frame sleeve. And it is checked by hanging a hammer. The inspection result of the horizontal level and vertical level must meet the requirement of the drawing. Or the big deviation will cause to the wear of the sleeve and impact the work of the main shaft.

5. The pouring work after installation. After the adjustment of the foundation, tighten the foundation blots, and then secondary pour to the frame. This time, only the hole of the bolt needs to be poured. When pour it for the hole, the liquid must be poured evenly and continuously. And when the pouring work is almost finished, you should slow down its speed. After the pouring liquate is cool, check the quality of the pouring work immediately. If find some problems, solve them timely.

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