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How to Install an Eccentric Bushing of the Cone Crusher?

Sep 05 2014

The inner circle and outer circle of the eccentric bushing are not eccentric circles. So when we install the eccentric bushing, we should be careful. This article will introduce you the installation of the cone crusher’s eccentric bushing bellow.

1. The inspection before installation. Before the installation of the eccentric bushing, you should count the parts that you are going to install and the tools that are going to use in the installation. If there is nothing wrong, then you can start to the installation.

2. The installation of the thrust pad. In the process of the installation, you should firstly install the bottom cover on the frame, and then install the adjusting pad on the bottom cover. Then install the thrust pad on the adjusting pad though the screw, or install the lower thrust pad and the middle thrust pad on the adjusting pad in order by the flying ring. In the process of the installation, the adjusting pad must work closely with the slot of the bottom cover. When the installation of the thrust pad is finished, the installation of the eccentric bushing can be start.

3. The installation of the eccentric bushing. When install the eccentric bushing, you should connect the thrust cylindrical pin with the eccentric bushing, so than they two can rotate together. Besides, you should especially pay attention to prevent any dust from falling down on the friction surface. If you stop during the process of the installation, you should cover the eccentric bushing well.

4. The adjustment of gaps. Adjust the gap between the eccentric shaft and the liner bushing of the frame, and adjust the gap between the main shaft and its shaft sleeve. The gaps can not be too big or too small. If the gap is too big, the size of crushed material can not reach the standard. But if the gap is too small, then the main shaft will be very hot. For the cone crusher, the top and bottom gaps of the eccentric bushing and the liner bush are same, and the top and bottom gaps of the main shaft and the axle sleeve are also same.

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