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What Should You Care about When Install the Shaft of the Spring Cone Crusher?

Sep 09 2014

Shaft is an important component of spring cone crusher. So its installation is important too. Only ensure the installation of the shaft is correct, the equipment can work smoothly. What should you care about when install the shaft of the spring cone crusher? This article will give you a specific introduction.

1. Shaft is a delicate component that has a high requirement to the installation. Before installation, put a pad on the flange between the frame and the pedestal in order to adjust the meshing performance of the gears so that the shaft and the gear can cooperate well.

2. When install the shaft, ensure the gap between the shaft and the pad uniform. Adjust the gap of the shaft and the motor bearing. It can not be too large or small.

3. After the shaft of the spring cone crusher is installed well, check the size of the shaft with the model. If the movement of the drive gear in the axial direction is between 0.4-0.6mm, and it is not exceed 0.15mm in the horizontal direction, then the installation of the shaft is correct.

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