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How to Select an Excellent Sawdust Dryer Manufacturer?

Sep 10 2014

To a sawdust factory, how to find a excellent sawdust dryer manufacturer, and get a suitable sawdust dryer for the factory? If you have a suitable model of sawdust dryer, and want to find a sawdust dryer manufactures with a high competiveness, what kinds of investigations should you make? This article will give you a specific summary.

1. Explore the sawdust market according to the model you need. That need you contact with many of sawdust manufacturers on web and get a suitable price according to the offers and the local sawdust dryer market.

2. Comprehensively investigate the product quality and manufacturing process of the sawdust manufacturers that you have selected, and find a reliable sawdust manufacturer. Know the manufacturing process of the main components of the sawdust dryer, such as, the design of the tube, the type of the cowper stove and the dust collector, and the wind and heat preservation system. Study the technical parameters of the sawdust dryer whether they can meet your production need or not, such as, the production capacity, the size of the drum, the highest temperature of the heat air, the motor power, the whole weight and etc.

3. Field trips to learn the truth. Facts speak louder than words. If the economic condition allows, you’d better visit the manufacturing site by yourselves. Visit the sawdust dryer production factory and the sawdust dryer work site. Know the feelings and experiences of users.

4. After-sales service. After those above, ask the manufacturers about the after-sales service, for example, can they on-site install and give technical guidance? Can we purchase the easy-wear parts from the sawdust dryer manufacturer?

Fote heavy machinery is a large scale sawdust dryer manufacturer that has production, sales, and service apartments. Our technicians have high skills, and our service men are kind, friendly, and enthusiastic. You are welcome to come to consult!

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