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The Lubrication of the Compound Crusher

Sep 11 2014

Lubrication is very important to a compound crusher. It can ensure the compound crusher has a good state and always is ready to work at any time. Besides, lubrication can improve the working efficiency and prolong the service life of the compound crusher. This article will introduce you the lubrication of the compound crusher.

1. The connecting rod bearings and the eccentric shaft bearing of compound crusher adopt pressure circulation lubrication. Generally the lubricant is pushed into the oli tube by gear oil pump droved by a motor. The oil tube must pass the filter and the cooler so that the lubricant can be cleaned before entering the lubrication system. The lubricant after being used flow into the oil trap. Then it returns to the lubricating oil storage tank though the slant oil return pipe.

2. The amount of the lubricant in the bearing pedestal of the compound crusher is 50%-70% of the whole volume. And the lubricant must be changed every 3-6 months.

3. When change the lubricant, the operator should firstly clean up the raceway of the bearing and the oil drain of the bearing pedestal with clean gasoline or kerosene.

4. Select suitable lubricant for the compound crusher. The viscosity of the lubricant should not be too high or too short. Or the oil will effect the lubricating effect of the compound crusher.

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