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How to Operate a Ball Mill in a Safe Way?

Sep 15 2014

Ball mill is a key equipment to grind materials after they have been crushed. It is a kind of super fine grinding machine that is widely used in industrial production. Before using a ball mill, the operator must know the safe operation of it comprehensively. This article will give you a specific introduction about it in the following parts:

The correct method of starting a ball mill

1. Before starting a ball mill, check the whole equipment and see whether there are any thing wrong or not. Ensure everything is ok, and then the operator can start the ball mill.

2. Firstly turn on the oil pump. Check the lubrication system and see whether it is normal or not. For example, is there lubricating oil on the tiles? Is the oil normal?

3. If there is no problem in the lubrication system, check whether there is blocking phenomenon on the ball mill or not. Normally, the ball can turn, and the equipment can rotate naturally.

4. Then the operator should connect the electrician, and electrician turn on the power.

5. Adjust the SCR excitation device. Keep the voltage at 50 V, and the current at 100A.

6. When the operator sees the signal of “permission to start”, he can start the ball mill.

7. Close the switch on the controlling box. Then the ball mill can work now.

The correct method of stopping a ball mill

1. Before stopping a ball mill, stop feeding and close the door of entering water.

2. When the materials in the equipment have been grinded, then the ball mill can be stopped.

3. After the materials have been processed, the operator should turn off the switch on the controlling box, and inform the electrician to stop transport electricity.

4. When the ball mill is stopped, stop the oil pump.

5. At last, stop the SCR excitation device.

The correct operation of the ball mill not only can improve its working efficiency, but also can prolong its service life. So Fote heavy machinery, as the famous ball mill manufacturer, warns you that do not ignore any tiny step of the operation during the use of the ball mill.

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